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10 Unusual Wedding Photography Trends to Add a Creative Flair

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

The world of wedding photography has come a long way from stuffy studios and staged poses. Today, couples want their love stories captured in a way that's as unique as they are. This yearning for individuality has given rise to some of the most unusual wedding photography trends. So, if you're planning your wedding or are a professional looking for inspiration, here are 10 innovative ideas that are redefining the genre.

1. Drone Photography

Drones have quite literally taken wedding photography to new heights. Offering an aerial perspective, drones are excellent for capturing wide-angle shots of the ceremony, the venue, and breathtaking landscapes. They can even film epic, cinematic-style wedding videos.

2. Disposable Cameras

Inject a dose of nostalgia into your wedding with disposable cameras. Placing them on each table allows your guests to capture candid moments that your professional photographer might miss. Plus, you'll have the fun of developing the pictures and seeing your wedding day from different perspectives.

3. Smoke bomb Portraits

Couples are experimenting with smoke bombs to create unique visual effects in their wedding photos - to dramatic effect, creating totally unique one off images that bring a sense of fun to your wedding photography.

5. Vaping Portraits

This might sound peculiar but hear us out. Some couples are experimenting with vapes to create unique visual effects in their wedding photos. Plumes of vapour can be manipulated to create dreamy, ethereal images or a dramatic, film-noir ambiance. However, remember to consider your venue’s policies and your guests’ comfort regarding vaping.

4. First-Look Photos

The moment when the couple first sees each other dressed in their wedding attire is truly magical. More and more couples are choosing to capture this intimate moment before the ceremony. It offers an opportunity for some stunning and emotional images.

5. Underwater Photography

If you're a couple who loves adventure, why not take the plunge and have your wedding photos taken underwater? Whether in a pool or the open sea, underwater wedding photography creates otherworldly images that are sure to stand out from the crowd.

6. Infrared Photography

Infrared photography uses a specific type of film or image sensor that is sensitive to infrared light. The result is a dreamy, fairytale-like image with surreal colours. In the hands of a skilled photographer, infrared can transform your wedding photos into ethereal works of art.

7. Documentary Style

Couples are increasingly opting for a more authentic and natural style of photography that tells the story of their day. Documentary-style photography captures candid moments, raw emotions, and little details that make your wedding unique. This narrative style makes your wedding album more personal and relatable.

8. Post-Wedding Photoshoots

After the wedding, couples are now choosing to have a post-wedding photoshoot. This allows them to be more creative and adventurous, without the constraints of time and the need to keep the wedding attire pristine. From hiking in the mountains to jumping into the sea, post-wedding photoshoots offer limitless possibilities.

9. Double Exposure

Double exposure is a technique that involves combining two different images into a single frame, creating a dreamy effect. Whether it's overlaying a portrait with a landscape or blending two moments from the wedding day, this technique adds a unique artistic touch to wedding photos.

10. Astrophotography

Imagine having the stars as the backdrop of your wedding photos. For couples who love the night sky, astrophotography is becoming a popular trend. This technique involves long-exposure photographs to capture the stars and the galaxy, resulting in breathtakingly beautiful images.

Wedding photography doesn't have to be traditional or cookie-cutter. These 10 unusual trends offer ample inspiration to create wedding photos that are as unique as your love story. So, don't be afraid to step out of the norm and try something innovative and creative for your big day.

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