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A genius small wedding idea

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

We spend our time helping couples to realise the wedding experiences they want rather than facilitating the weddings they feel duty-bound to have. These days couples are much more likely to choose a wedding experience that’s on a smaller scale, authentic, environmentally conscious and most importantly actually what they want.

elopement venues
Elopement at Frieda and The Moon by Verity Westcott

This sentiment is driven in part by finances, in part by a high number of second marriages taking place where couples do not wish to duplicate the traditional weddings they had first time around and in consideration of avoiding conflict caused by often complicated relationships where members of family and friendship groups are divorced and/or remarried. More than this, it feels like those getting married in the 2020’s are more empowered to do what they feel is right and what really makes them happy rather than being constrained by tradition.

Whilst helping couples realise their small wedding and elopement goals we come across some brilliant ideas and service developments that can really add something different and personal to a wedding day. One of these is The Buffalo.

The Buffalo created an Airstream bar mobile service founded on a commitment to an excellent drinks service, supreme cocktails and celebrating local produce. The owners had seen too many weddings and events with a basic bar, too much plastic and warm, flat drinks. They have a passion for serving really good drinks and this includes fabulous cocktails made with quality spirits and the freshest ingredients.

When COVID 19 hit, many larger weddings and events which form the bedrock of the business were cancelled or deferred. Owners at The Buffalo were not to be beaten. They came up with an innovative service that’s just perfect for smaller weddings and elopements that are allowed to continue. They have developed a “drinks by post” service that you cannot help but love. We can vouch for this as we’ve tried it! (All the name of research of course…)

Here’s how it works. You can go to The Buffalo website and pick your choice of cocktails from their menu. You can pick and mix and order enough for however many guests you have. This includes all the popular favourite categories including Gin Fizz, Tropical Collection and Martin Collection and many more.

The drinks are sent out to you or your wedding venue (check with your venue that this is OK first) in great look, strong recyclable boxes. In each box you will find the full ingredients for each cocktail, easy to follow recipes and all you need to do is add ice. When we tested and tasted the cocktails we found the process of making them as much fun as enjoying drinking them. It’s a really nice alternative wedding day activity for you and your guests.

If cocktails aren’t quite your thing you may prefer the tasting options. You can choose from bourbon, gin, rum or whiskey. Each pack comprises, 5 x 30ml tasting samples chosen by the experts at The Buffalo and full tasting notes. A gteat way to round off your wedding meal maybe? There are only 20 releases for each option in this category so if this is your thing, we recommend that you put your order in quickly!

We can see this excellent service working well at wedding for up to 30 people thorough the COVID 19 restricted period at venues without an alcohol licence, but also after this period as it’s often not cost effective to have a mobile bar for these smaller weddings.

Our closing thought is, why restrict The Buffalo drinks by post service to weddings? Whether it’s a social catch up on line with a group of friends, an intimate celebration for up to 6 or just the two of you celebrating something special. This is a really affordable, environmentally friendly addition to any celebration or gathering.

They've also got a new product launching soon, some very luxurious, beautiful and eco friendly Christmas Crackers (filled with cocktails of course!).

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