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Destination wedding UK - Cornwall

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

When you imagine a destination wedding you may think about the Caribbean, Spain, France or Italy or maybe even the Seychelles or Mauritius. All of these places offer wonderful wedding day experiences, but offer challenges to many couples too. Cost can be a barrier, logistics in term so getting your nearest and dearest to your destination wedding abroad may mean compromises on your guests list, some resorts have a "conveyer belt' approach to weddings. What's more, it's not always easy to arrange a wedding abroad where there are time zone differences, local rules and regulations and different cultural approaches to all things wedding. On a practical note, the value of the pound has decreased in recent years meaning it generally buys less abroad than it did three years ago. On top of that none of us can ignore our travel plans sit within the context of a dying planet and feel compelled to make efforts to reduce our carbon footprint through conscious decision making.

Treasures on our doorstep

This all might seem a little negative, but actually it's a cloud with a silver lining. Having to think more about the merits of a wedding abroad focuses the mind and allow us to appreciate the hidden gems we have sat on our doorsteps. Petite Weddings offers access to destination weddings in Cornwall and Devon - are area of the UK that has a beautiful coastline, large areas of outstanding natural beauty and a thriving small wedding sector which offers choice and fantastic value for money. Whether it's a beach wedding, a wedding and honeymoon package or a destination wedding planner UK that you are looking for we'd love to be able to help you.

We work with a unique set of handpicked venues and talented local suppliers who all understand the concept of an intimate wedding. Most of our couples (but by no means all!) come from outside of Cornwall and Devon and we're all skilled and practiced in working with couples remotely to get a great understanding of your requirements and to be your people on the ground to ensure the planning and preparation is exactly as it needs to be to ensure the perfect wedding day and stay in the West Country.

Destination wedding UK

We work with each couple to identify a suitable venue for the type and size of intimater wedding they want. We cater for couples eloping and can provide witnesses, up to intimate weddings for up to 80. Any larger than this and we'll refer to you to others who specialise in more traditional weddings.

We can put your whole wedding day team together including photography, videography, bridal hair and make up, catering, flowers and styling, transport, wedding co-ordination and planning and much more. We can arrange every detail for you or some couples choose to "pick and mix" with this aspect of our service, i.e. we arrange part of their service team and they fill in the gaps. Others wish to arrange all their additional services themselves. Whatever your preference we're happy to work with you to make your day unique an personal to the two of you.

Here's a blog post from Clara Cooper a fabulous photographer chosen by the couple capturing a beautiful Petite Wedding from last weekend which was arranged via us at Chypraze Wedding Barn. You can read more and see Clara's awesome work on this beautifully bohemian wedding day here.

Honeymoon packages

Hannah and Matt stayed at Fallen Angel. Many of our couples combine their wedding day with a short stay for their friends and family at our venues or close-by - some make it part of their holiday and others extend their stay with a personalised Fallen Angel Honeymoon Package including treats and activities of your choice should you wish. You can see more of this special honeymoon retreat in Mousehole in the video below featuring drone footage by the wonderful Love Kernow.

Find out more

Get in touch today to find out more about how we might help you creat your very own destination wedding UK or Fallen Angel Honeymoon Packages. Email - I'd love to help you on your journey!

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