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Modern Love: Non-Traditional Wedding Trends for Today's Couples

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Weddings often feel like the culmination of a beautiful journey of two individuals who have chosen to spend the rest of their lives with each other. Speaking of journeys, the wedding ceremony itself has been evolving through the years. We have not only come to embrace the different faces of love, but we also celebrate love in more ways than one. After all, commitment and love are the only unchanging requirements of a marriage. Everything else is arbitrary.

If you and your partner are looking for ways to express the uniqueness of your love, you’ve come to the right place! Here is a list of non-traditional wedding trends for modern couples.

Get married in an unconventional location

Churches and hotel ballrooms are a thing of the past – at least in the world of modern weddings. Nowadays, more and more couples are choosing venues that reflect their personalities and interests. You can also choose a location that is important to your growth as a couple. Museums, bars, zoos, train stations, warehouses – no place is off-limits.

Make your wedding vows your own

A sure way to make your wedding vows special is to write your own vows. Take time to think about your relationship and your spouse-to-be. Don’t be afraid to show your personality by adding jokes or quoting your favourite book. For an extra twist, consider singing your vows if you’re musically inclined, or just really into karaoke. You can also write your vows in the form of a poem.

Opt for non-traditional wedding rings

Have you ever thought about getting matching tattoos? What about getting matching wedding tattoos? The tattoos don’t even have to resemble rings or be placed on your fingers. Meanwhile, if your fear of needles is keeping you from getting inked, you can always get modern wedding bands for you and your beloved. Simply picking a ring that suits their personality and represents your love can give it a magical touch.

Wear anything but a white gown

White gowns and black tuxedos are not the only things you can wear on your big day. A white cocktail dress works. A shirt and suspender also works. And while we’re talking about switching up wedding fashion, be a little bit more playful with the clothing for your entourage, too. For example, you can let your bridesmaids be the ones to wear white if you opt for a non-white dress.

Capture wedding moments in unique ways

Everybody wants to preserve the best moments of their wedding in photographs. If you want to spice up your wedding photos, you can work with a professional who has a modern approach to wedding photography. Instead of a traditional photo booth, you can also involve your guests by giving them disposable cameras and a list of things to take pictures of.

Weave sustainability into your wedding theme

People get married because they envision a wonderful future together. Any talk of the future will naturally include sustainability. That’s why today’s brides and grooms are choosing to reduce their carbon footprint by using recycled materials, preparing local and organic foods, and using green transportation. That may sound daunting, but even little things like sending electronic invitations instead of snail mail are already a big help. Plus, incorporating up-cycled and eco-friendly materials into your wedding can save you money.

Invite your inner circle only

If there’s anything the past few years has taught us about weddings, it’s that they don’t always have to be grand. Micro-weddings, as well as weddings that are live-streamed to accommodate virtual guests, are not just a fad. They represent a deeper and wider appreciation of intimacy and relationships in the digital age. Additionally, planning an intimate wedding can be less stressful in some ways. For instance, you won’t need to invite the aunt you don’t like or the cousins you’ve barely met. An intimate wedding will compel you to sit down and truly think about who you want to share your special day with.

Make an alternative registry

Who wants to get five toasters as wedding gifts? Not us. Alternative registries are quickly growing in popularity because they allow the couple to ask for non-traditional presents like experiences, charitable donations, and even down payments on a home. This is extremely practical, especially for couples who already have an established home.

Make Your Quirky Dream Wedding Come True

Uniqueness, much like love, is what makes the human experience interesting. So, be open to breaking some, if not all, wedding traditions on your big day. You can change everything up – from the wedding venue, vows, and attire to the photography and registry. The only thing that needs to remain constant is you and your partner’s love.

Talk to the wedding pros at Petite Weddings if you need more help in planning and executing the wedding of your wildest dreams.

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