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Three ways to incorporate music into your marriage proposal

A wedding proposal is one of the most highly anticipated moments in any couple’s relationship. It marks the beginning of your engagement, and the exciting process of planning the wedding celebration of both of your dreams.


Most of those popping the question want to make the proposal experience extra special – along with stunning scenery and sentimental decor, this is usually achieved through a romantic playlist. Need a little inspiration on how best to incorporate music into your marriage proposal? Here are three options to consider.

Proposal image by Checkered Photography

Keep it lowkey

Most couples have a favourite song that they share. Perhaps it’s the song that was playing when you first met, or one that reminds you of another special, significant memory in your relationship. It could simply be a song that you discovered together, through a shared love of a particular music genre.


If you want to keep your proposal lowkey and intimate, consider preparing a simple soundtrack of your favourite songs to play as you get down on one knee. This is a great way to incorporate music in a way that is subtle, and keeps the focus on the special words that you have to share with your partner.

Proposal image by Verity Wescott

Say it with a song

There are lots of songs about marriage and commitment. If you and your partner are true music lovers, why not rely on some of these romantic tracks to ask that all-important question for you?


Make it extra special by hiring a professional to serenade your love in this special moment. There’s nothing quite like a personalised, intimate performance to show your partner just how much you care.

A grand musical gesture

In recent years, undercover flash mobs, singing waiters, string quartets and even full marching bands have become all the rage amongst those looking for a spectacular way to declare their love for their partner.


You don’t have to go this over the top, but even opting for a live band can help to make your proposal that much more special. Chat with your musicians prior to the big moment to ensure your surprise goes off without a hitch – they may even have a few tips and tricks up their sleeve to make your musical proposal even more memorable.


Why incorporate music into your proposal?

Music speaks to all of us – listening to it can be an incredibly emotional experience. Many couples bond over a shared taste in music, so it’s only natural that it should play a part in pivotal life-altering moments.


Music can really help to set the scene for your proposal – you can use it to create a mood that’s as peaceful, exciting or romantic as you wish. Plus, playing some great songs at your proposal may just help to get the ball rolling when it comes to picking a soundtrack for your wedding. You might opt to use your proposal song as the song for your first dance – whichever track you choose, you’re bound to look back on these special moments fondly for years to come.

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