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Why is a Small Wedding Better?

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

One question we get asked lots is whether any of our Petite Weddings couples have regretted having small weddings. We’re delighted (and relieved!) to report that the answer is a resounding “no!” We got in touch with 50 of the couples who have had a Petite Wedding in the last 3 years and, when surveyed 100% of respondents said they did not regret having a smaller wedding.

Petite Wedding at Cosawes Barton
Intimate wedding at Cosawes Barton by Griffin Photography

Here’s the most popular reasons why they loved their small wedding:

- Reduced cost and no debts afterwards

- More time with our invited guests to have a proper chat and not just a quick hug and a “thank you” for coming

- Better food – more to spend per head and not catering for 100’s of people means the quality of wedding day food can be higher

- A small group means you can have a “destination wedding” in the UK with the whole party staying for 2/3 nights

- Only the people you truly care deeply for and who reciprocate that will be around you on your special day making it truly meaningful, more personal and you will feel freer to do things your way as no one will be judging you

- Planning and organising were stress-free and enjoyable as everything is on a small scale e.g. homemade favours x12 is much easier to do than for 250 people

- Couples cited feeling freer to be non-traditional and have alternative small wedding days that include all sorts of things from surfing, to beach games, picnics on the beach to a sunset sail

We’re the first to agree that a small wedding is not for everyone, but we’re so glad so many of our couples have enjoyed their Petite Wedding experiences and made the right choices for them. Advise to all couples planning a wedding: choose what’s right for the two of you!

If you’re interested in small wedding venues then take a look at the Petite Wedding Venue Collection here.

Beautiful images in this article by Griffin Photography at Cosawes Barton ( January wedding 2020) with other wedding day services by Indulgence Catering and So-buff bridal hair and make up.

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