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A Wedding Day Dream Come True

One of the many things I have learnt since getting involved with arranging people's small intimate weddings is just how emotional and uplifting it is to sit along side a couple at this very special time in their journey through life.

I am grateful for all amazing people I meet through my work - the couples, their close friends and families and the talented professionals we work along side to deliver beautiful small wedding packages.

Yet, when I receive an e mail like this from the last couple to get married at Dreamcatcher just before Christmas I am in no way immune to the power of their words. Truly humbling. Please read for yourselves:

Hi Jane,

We're honoured to have had you as our wedding mentor. You really gave us nothing but the best of everything. Our every day at Dreamcatcher, made our dream come true. All the guests that came love you as do we.. we love you Jane, we thank God for your trusting in us with such an awesome beautiful fairy-tale perfect wedding the effort and hard work that you did, meant so much to all of us..

Karlene & I would be honoured if you used picture of our wedding. Jo did a fantastic work of art on her makeup, the flowers, the food, the ambient atmosphere all beautiful... Thank you for giving us the best few days of our lives..

Kind Regards Mr & Mrs C & K Hutchinson

Knowing how happy these guys are makes everything worthwhile.

You can see some of the pictures from this beautiful small wedding here.

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