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Elopement Wedding In Cornwall with a Humanist Celebrant

Couples who come to Petite Weddings for help in planning their perfect wedding day have all sorts of great ideas for their special day and we love to help make them a reality. Many of our couples are seeking an alternative wedding. This elopement wedding could not have been more fun, relaxed and yet heartfelt and real.

Sara and Richard decided against a registrar officiating on the wedding day and instead chose a humanist celebrant, in this case Danu Fox. She worked with the couple to devise a ceremony that meant something special to Sara and Richard, involved their friends and family and allowed them to seal their marriage in a meaningful way.

With the bride radiant in blue sparkles, a group of 20 special friends and family gathered around them, a friend cooking for them and some lovely personal touches that you can see in the pictures here, this wedding is an inspiration for those looking for an alternative wedding.

For some great alternative wedding ideas, take a look at these lovely pictures - taken by their children!

If you would like to find out more about alternative wedding ideas e mail Jane and take a look at some of our other lovely small weddings for inspiration.

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