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Sustainable, individualised wedding style

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

We caught up with Roamer Rose, a unique wedding dress and adornment based in Cornwall. Proprietor, Kyla Estelle Prior talks passionately about their strong values of nostalgia but also how they embrace innovation. She exudes a love of fashions of before explaining that this provides the learning curve, and yet adores the future and its possibilities. A paradox indeed, but one that sets this wedding dress business aside from most others.

Kyla designs unique gowns, dresses, separates and accessories for brides who think clearly about sustainable style. Utilising traditional skills learnt from over twenty years of tutor and work-led experience in fashion and theatre, Roamer Rose eloquently unfolds, redesigns and further constructs textiles, metals, natural and manmade materials from their previous actualities.

As a designer of difference Kyla wants to change perceptions of adorning the head and body by breaking through non-definition and the dull and recasting the person as individual. With intricately sourced and reconstructed garments and additions clients will shine brilliantly - each individual personified as they stride on, roaming the social terrain.

You can see and read more about this wonderful business here.

Photography Jessica Apps Photography.

Photography by Jessica Apps Photography and final image by Suzanne Johnson Photography.

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