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Is your wedding going to be constrained by tradition and the views of others?

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Getting married is one of the single most important events of our lives. It’s going to be real, meaningful and memorable. It’s about you two and the life long vows and proclamation of love for one another. It’s reflection of your preferences, choices and relationship: unique and special, all about the two of you. Or will it?

Will your wedding day be constrained by tradition and expectations of others?

At Petite Weddings we love alternative weddings. We encourage and support couples to create wedding experiences that are built around their values, beliefs, ideas, passions, oh and budgets.

Giving yourselves permission to have who you want, where you want, how you want within a budget that you feel comfortable with is all important. It is reasonable to expect those closest to you respect your wishes. You don’t need to accommodate them, they should want to accommodate you.

Of the weddings we have booked, over 10% of bookings have been from couples who have started going down the route of a more traditional wedding and decided it’s not for them.

Alternative Wedding

Of the wedding bookings we have started working on and then stopped the has almost exclusively been because when family/friends have been told about elopement plans that do not involve them they have made the couple feel awful. One bride close to tears told me,

“My mum will never speak to me again unless we have our wedding her way, it fills me with dread, but I can’t not have my mother in my life.”

Emotive stuff. The couple will get married the way her mum wants them to, so crisis averted, for now. The problem has not gone away. The bride’s mother will continue to be unreasonable, impose her preferences on their lives and continue to provide negative input. As a couple seeking to commit to one another this is a challenge you can do without, and one that will last longer than your wedding day if left unchecked.

Our advice is to be brave, be strong and be true to each other when thinking about how you want to get married. For some couples their vision is more traditional and large scale and there are plenty of venues and wedding planners who do a grand job in this area pulling off stunning wedding experiences.

That’s where Petite Wedding is different. We work with a small group of fabulous venues and wedding day service providers who love working on smaller scale, relaxed intimate weddings. We listen to what’s important to you. We provide guidance as and when you need it, and we seek to make your whole experience stress-free, enjoyable and memorable for all the right reasons.

Laws of attraction mean that the vibes we put out there attract similar back. This has certainly been our experience as we’ve been carefully building out our Petite Wedding Venue Collection. Whilst the venues provide a diverse range of wedding locations and experiences, from rural idylls to beachside retreats: what they all have in common is a unique vibe, fantastic staff and owners who totally “get” the Petite Wedding concept and offer great value for money.

We work with couples who want a wedding just for two, or two and a handful of their closest relations or friends, through to exclusive hire of slightly larger venues where parties of between 18-60 people can stay and enjoy a relaxed, laid back, yet high quality wedding experience. With our Petite Wedding Packages we can take care of every element of your wedding from a group surf lesson or fishing trip the day before, to the more traditional flowers, hair and make up and photography.

All good plans start with a conversation. We’d love to have a chat about your wedding. Call Jane today on 07411 117294.

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