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A small wedding can be empowering. It's just about you two with no one else to have to consider. That means the two of you have exactly the day you want with just each other to focus on. Bliss!

We work with a number of beautiful small wedding venues here in the West Country and we specialise in arranging perfect days just for two, or two and a few (or larger if you really want). The key to the perfect small wedding day is making sure everyone else involves knows its all about you two and no one else. This should be reflected in the price supplier charge, the relevance their package to you e.g. 12 hours photography is pretty much unbearable for most of us so we only work with photographers who understand this and have elopement packages to suit smaller, intimate weddings.

Personalities are key too. We work with a tight knit group of venues and suppliers all of whom are used to working on smaller weddings and know exactly how to blend in and interact to make your day perfect. Our presence on the day is understated, focused on your needs and nothing else.

Here's a peep at a wedding we arranged from a couple of weeks ago - all the details are just perfect for this beautiful wedding day for two.

Photography - Afina Photography

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