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5 ways to make your micro wedding one to remember this summer

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Looking to make your intimate wedding perfect from start to finish? In this article, Jack Jahan, eCommerce Marketing Manager at Ramsdens Jewellery, shares the five things you need to consider when planning your micro wedding.

The number of micro weddings over the past year has skyrocketed as a result of the pandemic. Rather than waiting until social distancing is over, many couples have chosen to get hitched in intimate ceremonies, surrounded by just their closest friends and family. Even the rich and famous have gone ahead with more laid-back ceremonies, including celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Lily Allen. Clearly, micro weddings are becoming more and more popular. But what exactly do they entail?

What is a micro wedding?

To put it simply, a micro wedding is just like a traditional wedding, but done on a smaller scale. While the average UK wedding has 82 day guests and 103 evening guests, a micro wedding usually has no more than 20 (Hitched).

A micro wedding ceremony isn't classed as an elopement, as it shares many similarities with traditional weddings, but they are often more laid-back. For example, dress codes tend to be more casual and the reception may have less structure. However, if you've always dreamed of your big day being more formal, don't let this put you off. An intimate wedding doesn’t have to be laid-back to make it intimate!

If you've decided to opt for a smaller wedding, you've made a great choice. Not only will you get to spend more quality time with your closest friends and family, but your budget will stretch much further, allowing you to be a lot more creative. If you want to make your micro wedding stand out from the rest, here are the five aspects to consider when planning the event.

The venue

The good news is that because the wedding is so small, you can stretch your budget further to find a venue that you really love. Plus, you won't have to face any guest limits, so you'll be spoilt for choice!

When choosing a venue for your micro wedding, it's a good idea to opt for somewhere smaller for a more intimate atmosphere. Many venues that host traditional weddings can also host micro weddings in one of their smaller rooms. If you want to provide accommodation for your guests at the same time, some micro wedding venues can be rented out as a whole space over the course of a few days. Large country houses are a great option — not only are they beautiful, but they often come with plenty of bedrooms and outdoor space for your guests enjoy.

And speaking of outdoor spaces, tying the knot in nature is a lot simpler for micro wedding ceremonies than it is for traditional ones. You don't need to fret about finding a huge plot of land, and it's easier to keep guests protected from the elements if the worst happens. Keep guest chairs close together (social distancing permitting) and decorate with candles and fairy lights to create a cosy atmosphere.

The photography

One of the best things about micro weddings is knowing that when you look back at the pictures from your special day in years to come, you'll remember every single face. Even if you're planning on having an incredibly laid-back wedding, it's still a good idea to invest in a photographer. It's one of the most special days of your life, so you'll want to capture the best moments and make them last forever.

When looking for the right photographer, opt for someone who has experience of working at micro weddings. Shooting these can be a very different to traditional weddings, as the photographer needs to think about how to make shots seem close and intimate, and not make the venue seem empty. Always thoroughly check out the portfolio of the photographer you're thinking of using, and discuss the style that you're going for with them.

The décor

Since you'll be saving both time and money by having a micro wedding, you have the opportunity to go all out for your décor. To make the ceremony even more intimate, spend time adding personal touches to the surroundings. For example, if you're an artsy person, consider decorating guest's table place cards by hand. Or if you want your wedding to have a vintage feel, create your own bunting to decorate the reception.

The main aim when choosing décor for a micro wedding is to make it fill the space and make it feel intimate. That's why it's important to spend time considering your colour scheme, as this can really change how big a space feels. To make the area seem smaller, opt for a mixture of dark and mid-tone colours. If you're having your wedding outside, opt for a colour scheme with green in to incorporate your surroundings. And don't forget to add texture with fabrics to fill the room and give it more depth.

The fashion

Dress codes tend to be more casual for micro weddings, partly because the whole event feels less formal when you're surrounded by just your closest friends and family. Of course, a casual dress code doesn't have to mean just jeans and a t-shirt — it's your special day so you deserve some fuss! For some formality, opt for a smart casual dress code. This would involve women wearing sundresses, or a blouse with smart trousers or a skirt, and the men wearing chinos or suit trousers and a long-sleeved shirt, with ties and jackets being optional.

Brides and grooms at micro weddings tend to be less traditional with their style choices. For example, grooms often go for suits that are bolder in colour as opposed to the traditional navy, grey or black. If you're having the event outdoors, the groom could dress in summery colours to match the season. Brides at micro weddings should consider going for a boho style dress. They're romantic, graceful, and look effortless, which is perfect for a casual ceremony.

When it comes to choosing a wedding ring, go for something a little bit different that will stand out from the rest, just like your wedding day. For example, rather than opting for a plain band, choose one with a precious stone in. To make it extra special, find the gemstone that symbolises the month you get married. If you don't like the idea of a gemstone, you can still make a simple wedding band special by engraving it with your wedding date.

The extras

All the extras might just seem like the finishing touches, but they can actually take the micro wedding up a few notches and make your big day even more special. One popular extra that's popular at every type of wedding is a photo booth. This allows your guests to take home a personal memento of your special day.

To keep your guests entertained, provide them with fun activities at the reception. There are so many different options to choose from — karaoke, fireworks, or a bar to make their own cocktails, to name just a few. Since your wedding will be so small, you'll know your guests well so you should have an idea of which activity they'll enjoy most.

And to give guests a day to remember, gift them a small token of gratitude for sharing your special day with you. It doesn't have to be anything pricey if you're on a budget. Something as simple as a personalised candle with their favourite scent would be greatly appreciated. Or for something that lasts, opt for a personalised champagne glass, engraved with their name and the date of your special day.

If you take this advice, your micro wedding will undoubtedly be the event of the summer. Remember to follow the up-to-date social distancing measures when organising the event. And for more help planning your intimate wedding, make sure to check out the services provided by Petite Weddings!

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