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Beautiful Beach Blessings and Vow Renewals

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Our intimate wedding and elopement wedding packages are not restricted to those looking to get married. We also provide our amazing packages for those wishing to celebrate their existing marriage or a milestone in their relationship. This means you can enjoy a beautiful beach blessing or woodland ceremony whether you are married or not. What's more, our celebrant led services can be added on to a legal wedding day providing those going down this route with a a very personal, heartfelt outdoor ceremony in a location of your choice e.g. on the beach, in bluebell woods or on in Poldark style on the the dramatic cliffs looking out to sea.

Why choose a vow renewal or beach blessing?

With a celebrant-led vow renewal or bless you are absolutely free of the constraints that the legal process enforce on your ceremony. This means you can design a very personal, heartfelt, intimate ceremony in a place of your choice at a time of your choice with your chosen celebrant.

At its roots your ceremony is the two of you reaffirming life-long promises to one another.  You may decide to include traditional rituals such as hand fastening or tying the knot, music, dancing, jumping the broomstick and sword or you can make up your own rituals. Anything goes! Often couple involve their children, close friends and/or family in their ceremony, and for others is a special moment for just the two of them.

You can read more about vow renewals and beach blessings here.

Introducing a very special new service Lunar Soul Sisters : Ceremonies and Blessings from the heart

We are delighted to be launching a unique brand new service to meet the needs ot those couples looking for a beach blessing or vow renewal.

Lunar Sour Sisters is a collaboration involving two of our favourite local professionals: Emma Griffin a wonderfully skilled and experienced photographer and Faye Dobinson an amazingly personal and human celebrant. Together they bring humour, passion and creativity to a range of ceremonies and blessings. Drawing on the fruits of Faye’s rich experience as a Registrar and Celebrant and Emma’s incredible photographic career this is a very special partnership which we are delighted to be able to endorse.

They are offering a bespoke ceremony designed by you with Faye and 1 hour of photography with Emma to capture every details of your ceremony for £600. You can read more about their services and how you can build your own package using Petite Weddings additional services and accommodation if you wish here.

Next steps

If you'd like to find out more or discuss your options for a beach blessing or vow renewal we'd love to hear from you. You can contact me on 07411 117294 or email me on jane@petiteweddings,co.uk

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