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Coffee & Cake with Griffin Photography

Our coffee and cake chat this weekend is with Emma Griffin, an inspiring creative who has the most interesting business.

Thanks for agreeing to having a chat about your business. Before we start, if we were really having coffee and cake what would you order?

I’d order an oat milk strong coffee. I am a coffee snob so I only like real coffee, not granules, and the cake would always be my mum’s chocolate cake.

I know you have a fascinating career and portfolio of skills, tell me, where did you start, and what are the highlights of your career to date for you?

I started taking photographs for families and then I moved into editorial work. The highlights of my career to date have been working for national brands, designers and celebrities. When I get to create from the heart, it’s literally the best feeling! My favourite body of work is with Shell Belle Couture. She always gives me the freedom to story tell with her brand, something I love to do. I have shot 4 campaigns for her now and each on gets better and better. They are all so beautiful.

Later on, I was hired by the designer to shoot her actual wedding, which has to be one of my favourite weddings to date. I am also lucky to call her my friend.

How did you first get into photography?

I started my photography career in 2011 after finishing a fine art degree. I used my camera to communicate as I am dyslexic. A camera provides me with a quicker, more efficient way of communication. People started hiring me after seeing my work, and this led me to think that my photography could actually be a business.

I went into fashion photography as my career started there as a fashion designer and it was an area I knew a lot about. At the start I shot everything, but I soon realised that I had to have a narrower focus. Equally I am very creative so I couldn’t just do fashion.

When I stood back from my work, I saw that the common theme was storytelling. So now I am a content creator telling visual stories for brands in fashion and editorial. I was interested in bridal work, so I offered to shoot a wedding for a friend. I found it a very natural extension to my scope of work as storytelling sits at the heart of a great wedding shoot too.

I really enjoyed wedding photography and started getting more bookings. This led to bridal designers hiring me to create content for them too, which I love!

When did you decide to become a professional photographer and why?

I decided to jump straight in! I was in a fortunate position where people and brands were hiring me, so I went full time pretty much straight away. As an artist, a camera is a good fast tool for me to use. Instead of spending months painting what’s in my mind I can direct people or models and take a shot.

How would you describe the style of photography?

True storytelling with an editorial edge.

What’s the best thing about being a wedding photographer?

I LOVE meeting all of the brides and grooms I work with, and nearly always get to photograph their babies and families afterwards, I love the venues, the locations I get to visit and the teams I work with are the best.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I am either outside exploring in the woods with my husband, Steve, my two mini-adults and dogs or I am meditating with crystals and enjoying downtime.

What advice would you give to couples when choosing their wedding photographer for an intimate wedding?

Really study a photographer’s portfolio and ask as many questions as you can, try to get to know your photographer as you are trusting them to record your very special day. This involves them up close and personal with you in the day, so it will make you feel more comfortable if you can get to know them a bit beforehand.

Where would you dream photography shoot be? What and who would be involved?

It would be in a HUGE manor house or castle in Scotland with my dream wedding dress by Eliza Jane Howell. I’d work with my favourite team of hair and make-up artist, magical props, animals, disco balls, coloured smoke bombs and probably some bubbles! I have shot in an old broken indoor swimming pool before with plants growing in it. I asked if we could hang a crystal chandelier over it…and it happened, so you never know!

Thank-you Emma for taking the time to have a chat with us. I am always blown away by your creativity, and you have not disappointed!

If you’d like see more of Emma’s amazing work you can take a look at her website https://www.griffin-photography.co.uk/.

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