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Elopement and Intimate Wedding Offers

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Elopement and intimate wedding offers

Planning your small wedding often starts with finding your perfect location and beautiful venue. That’s a great start, but the next stage of your intimate wedding journey involves finding the best wedding day services that you feel will make your small wedding day experience just perfect.

Out of the Ordinary Weddings, Piccolo Weddings and Verity Westcott Photography.

Fixed price services

Some wedding day services cost the same no matter how big or small your wedding is. A good example of this is your registrar or celebrant. They are responsible for working with to you to create and deliver your wedding ceremony, this is something that requires the same amount of time, skill and effort regardless of the size of wedding you are planning. Similarly, music and DJs tend to be priced based on the time the performers are required for, so a similar cost regardless of the size of wedding you are planning.


Not every wedding service supplier can flex their services to accommodate small weddings. This is because there is a minimum-fee they need to charge to make it work for their business. However, as well as working with the best intimate wedding venues, we also work with some fabulous small wedding service providers who do have the flexibility within their businesses to provide their services to elopement weddings all the way through to much bigger weddings. We work with caterers, hairdressers and make-up artists, photographers and videographers and florists who would love to work with you regardless of the size of wedding you have planned.

You can take a look at these businesses here:

Cornwall Wedding Services

Devon Wedding Services

Freeform Images Photography, Virginia's Vintage Hire, The Fizzy Pheasant

Intimate wedding offers

Some of our wedding service business partners have come up with offers designed specifically with elopements and intimate wedding in mind. Take a look at the brilliant offers some of our wedding services business partners have put together especially for you:

Elopement Photography & Videography Packages

One of the most important decisions you will make about your wedding day is your choice of photographer. It's a decision that will sit with you for the rest of your life, you are trusting this person to capture your memories and for those not at your wedding, it will only be seen through their lens. We work with a brilliant group of the best photographers, including these guys below who have put together elopement packages with couples like you in mind.

Tom Frost ( Photography & Videography)

Verity Westcott

Checkered Photography

Hannah Barnes Photography

Alexa Poppe

Freeform Images

Hannah Barnes Photography, Alex Poppe Photography ( top right), Checkered Photography

Prop hire and styling

Just because you have chosen a small wedding doesn’t mean you your wedding day cannot be styled and themed in exactly the way you want. Virginia’s Vintage hire has come up with some great small wedding packages to get your creative juices flowing and to make styling your wedding really easy and accessible, regardless of the size of event you are planning.

Virginia’s Vintage Hire

Intimate wedding bar

Some bar services have a minimum sized wedding, so we’re delighted that the lovely folk at The Fizzy Pheasant have come up with a package designed specifically for smaller weddings. Take a look here:

The Fizzy Pheasant.

Wedding planning and co-ordination

Even with a small wedding or elopement it can be so useful to have a wedding planner involved to ensure that your day is everything you want it to be, and your wedding journey is totally stress-free. Their fee gives you access to their “little black book”, oodles of ideas and ways to bring your wedding day dreams to life, a safe pair of hands to discretely manage all the details of your day and so much more. A wedding planner is worth their weight in gold. Take a look at the elopement and intimate wedding packages offered by:

Out of the Ordinary Weddings

Piccolo Weddings

Thomas Frost Photography & Videography

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