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Featured on Confetti!

Zoe Burke from Confetti got in touch and asked us for some advice. If a couple have to or choose to downsize their wedding, what should they cut and what should they keep?

Intimate wedding at Cosawes Barton by Emma Griffin

Every wedding and every couple is unique, and our role is to listen to the couples ideas and vision and pull together the ideal small wedding venue and supplier team to make their thoughts a reality. So giving across the board advice is a minefield. Moreover, we hope our ideas might help those tackling this issue. We truly believe that a small wedding can be a real upgrade in so many ways rather than a downgrade.

You can take a look here:


Thank you to Zoe and Confetti for featuring our business and our wonderful venue partners:

Cosawes Barton


Brickhouse Vineyard

Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens

Fallen Angel

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