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Let them eat cake! Latest COVID Guidance helpful/not helpful

Small wedding cake by Indulgence Catering.

The Government has issued an update on its previous COVID exit plan for weddings which can only be described as helpful/unhelpful.

Helpfully step 2, which will happen at the earliest on 12 April 2021 will see the definition of "venues" helpfully extended to include all wedding venues with a legal wedding license which can be made COVID secure for wedding groups of up to 15. This has to be great news for couples, venues and wedding service suppliers who were about to see plans re-arranged again just because their chosen venue happened to fall into an arbitrary wedding sector category e.g. B&B, purpose built events space, historic venue etc. So, hooray for this, brilliant news.

However, in step 2, your reception is limited to a sit down meal at an outside wedding venue that is permitted to open. This means that your reception plans will be limited (as expected) and subject to the weather! What's more, if your wedding venue does not have a suitable outside space you are not allowed to take this celebration meal to a private home or public space.

Step 3, which will happen no sooner than 17 May 2021 will allow wedding fro up to 30 in COVID 19 secure venues with wedding licenses. Receptions will be allowed to proceed with up to 30 people in a COVID secure venue or outdoors. However, we do not actually know what this means in practice as the gov.uk website promises " Further details on receptions at this Step in due course." So, sadly further uncertainty and unanswered questions on what should be a joy-filled journey to a magical day in every couples' lives.

You can read the full update here.

Watch this space for further updates as soon as we have them.

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