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We're the only wedding platform in the UK that's totally devoted to beautiful, authentic small weddings. We're growing the number of venues we offer slowly as, we're a bit fussy about who we work with. We only partner with wedding venues who truly offer excellent levels of personal service in exquisite and original surroundings and ensure that our couples who choose a Petite Wedding venue enjoy relaxed, fun-filled and totally unique wedding days.

You'll not find big hotels chains, DIY wedding venues or bigger venues on this site. That's because there are plenty of great sites you can refer to for this information already.

The best small wedding venues near you

We're passionate about small weddings and elopements and plan to stay small too. We'll never feature more than 150 venues in the UK on our site meaning that you can find the information you are looking for easily. If you're at all unsure about the direction you wish to go in, or need some personal help and guidance before contacting one of our venues you can contact me on or give me a call on 07411 117294 and I'll be glad to discuss your thoughts with you and help you find the right direction.

This section is arranged by area so, for example, you can find small wedding venues near Bristol, Bath, Exeter and within shooting distance of London and Birmingham in our Somerset section. Right now we have only one venue in this area, but we're working hard to find the best wedding venues near Somerset for you. We also cover Cornwall and Devon.

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Intimate wedding at Pengersick Castle

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