Why do people renew wedding vows?

The reasons for renewing wedding vows are as diverse as the couples we help.  Vow renewal for some is all about reaffirming their love and commitment after tough times or illness, for others it’s to celebrate a landmark anniversary. Sometimes it’s a chance to create the wedding day they wish they’d had, or simply the ultimate romantic gesture.


Whatever your reason for considering a vow renewal ceremony and celebration we’d love to be able to help you. We’ve put together some basic information on this page to help you develop your wedding vow renewal ideas.


You can read more here and find the answers to questions such as, “how much does it cost to renew your vows?”  and all about our vow renewal packages.

Vow Renewal

What does a vow renewal ceremony entail?

The key difference between vow renewal and your wedding ceremony is that vow renewal is not a legal ceremony, so immediately you are free from the constraints that the legal process put on your ceremony. Having said this, some couples opt to say the same vows they said to each other on their wedding day and include a religious element to their day if this is something that is important to them.


Put simply, the rules are that there are no rules. At its simplest your ceremony is the two of you reaffirming life-long promises to one another.  Your ceremony can include traditional rituals such as hand fastening or tying the knot, readings and poems, music, dancing – anything goes and often couple involve their children, close friends and/or family in their ceremony. We also help couples who want this intimate occasion to be just the two of them - a runaway vow renewal with an elopement feel and a romantic stay for a few days somewhere special, just for two.


We work with tried and tested celebrants who conduct vow renewal ceremonies and are used to working with couples to help design the type of ceremony each couple feels comfortable with. They can provide wedding vow renewal ideas, guidance and will oversee your ceremony. Alternatively you may have someone close to you who you wish to conduct your vow renewal ceremony or maybe have a religious ceremony – we can work with you on any basis.


What’s more, as your ceremony is not a legal ceremony you can choose any time for your ceremony e.g. a sunset ceremony or evening ceremony that is not usually possible with a wedding ceremony.


Whatever appeals to you, we’d be delighted to help you.

What does a vow renewal day typically look like?

Each vow renewal day is different.


If it’s just the two of you, you might check into your accommodation the night before and enjoy a couples massage and meal out together. The following morning after a leisurely breakfast many couple opt for bridal hair and make up services at your accommodation.  A bouquet and buttonhole can be provided should you wish.


If you are travelling from your accommodation to a special spot you have chosen to renew your vows you may choose to have a chauffeur driven car or quirky VW Camper to take you there. You can choose to have your photographer meet you at your ceremony venue or perhaps your accommodation to capture some of your day prior to your ceremony.


After your vow renewal ceremony, why not enjoy a toast drink and some further photography in the beautiful location you have chosen for this special occasion?

Many of our couples choose a private chef experience at their accommodation to round off the day in style.


For couples that choose to invite guests to create an intimate group to celebrate their vow renewal with, you may start your stay with a BBQ with all your guests the night before. On the morning or your vow renewal a group of the female guests may want to get ready together with the helps of our stylists. 


Once everyone is ready your ceremony takes place at your chosen location, and toast drinks can be enjoyed whilst your photography continues. You can choose anytime as well, with some couples option for a dusk or night time ceremony by candlelight.


The rest of you day can be spent enjoying a vintage tea party or family style sharing meal, perhaps with garden games and some music and dancing during the evening.


There really is not set formula – we’ve arrange group SUP around St Michael’s Mount followed by a beach BBQ after ceremonies, sailing and even sight seeing flights around Cornwall as part of the after-party, so please so ask if you are looking for something a little more unusual, we’d love to be able to help you.

Who should we invite to our vow renewal?

The great thing about vow renewals is that there is far less pressure from friends and family regarding invitations. This is a much more intimate occasion and very much more your choice.


Generally the couples we work with invite immediate family and/or closest friends, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Maybe you had a runaway wedding and you want to invite lots of people to your vow renewal?


Conversely you don’t need to invite anyone! It can just be the two of you, and there no need for witnesses either.

Where can I hold my vow renewal ceremony?

Vow renewals are not legal ceremonies so you can pretty much choose anywhere, as long as you have permission from the land or venue owner. 


We have arranged vow renewals in the blue bell woods, on cliff tops, beaches, by roaring log fires in an original Tudor castle and in relaxed and informal barn venues. Just let us know what your preferred type of location is and we will come back to you with suggested options.

Arrange me a Vow Renewal 

How much does a vow renewal cost?

It depends – as always. The factors that will impact how much you spend are things like: number of guests, time of year, with winter being much cheaper than summer and the type of celebration you want.


We’ve got some example vow renewal packages on this page. We can adapt these to include and exclude exactly what you want so just get in touch to find out more.


Vow renewal packages


Just for 2, beach or woods vow renewal or blessing

Checkered Photography and RM Celebrant vow renewal - £850

This includes 2 hour of professional photography, your ceremony preparation and the ceremony itself.


You can book this on its own, or, add any of the following extras:

Picnic baskets 

Three course meal at your accommodation

Bridal hair and make up


A three night stay at romantic retreat Fallen Angel in Mousehole

Fallen Angel winter vow renewal & stay for two UK

Stay for three nights at Fallen Angel - £600

A button hole and bouquet - £150

Hair and make up - £200

A private chef  three course meal for 2 at Fallen Angel  - £170

1 hour photography and celebrant package - £850

Total: £1870

We can build a bespoke package for you based n exactly what you want and where.

Or you might like to take a look at the new vow renewal package at The Folly which is new for 2021!

How do we arrange a vow renewal?


To find out more about our packages or request a bespoke quote please do get on touch today. You can call Jane on 07411 117294 or email jane@petiteweddings.co.uk.


We’ll be here to help at every step along the way.

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