Working With Petite Weddings

What we do, how and why?


We’re helping couples to think differently about weddings and we're passionate about using our unique market position and specialist sales and marketing skills to help new and established great, small wedding businesses thrive.


This means our business partners can concentrate on creating unique, truly personal, relaxed and fun wedding-day memories that last a lifetime for the growing number of couples seeking smaller weddings.


Our mission is to ensure the right couples hear about your business in a clear and timely way that increases the number of small weddings and elopements packages you are able to book.


Where are we going?


We started Petite Weddings just over five years ago and now work with a growing number of handpicked small wedding businesses in the UK. We've successfully established the UK’s only wedding platform that is purely focussed on elopements and intimate weddings.


In the next 5 years we’ll be expanding the number of intimate wedding and elopement package providers we work with to 100 across the whole of the UK. We'll never have more than 150 UK venues on our platform.


We aim to grow our business steadily creating a collective voice for the very best small wedding businesses in the UK. Already we believe we are the “go-to” platform for couples seeking extra special intimate weddings. With over 100,000 unique view a year this equates to over 25% of the number of all weddings that take place annually in the UK, so we're confident that the vast majority of couples seeking smaller weddings and elopements come to our platform during their search for their ideal wedding location and wedding day services. 


Next Steps


If you'd like, we’ll also work with you outside of this platform to help you grow your business through access to our specialist marketing and business development services. 


We only work with the best small wedding venues, or those who aspire to be the best, in the UK. If you’d like to join us in reimagining weddings we’d love to hear from you.


But is Petite Weddings any good?

Our website is the hub of our marketing activities. We have attracted over 100,000 unique users to our site in the past year and this number continues to grow steadily month-on-month. Our marketing works.

Our 12 month rolling key performance statistics as at 1 August 2021 were:

Unique viewers - 105,000

Average time on site - 3 minutes 28 ( anything above 2 minutes is excellent)

Average number of pages viewed - 4.7

Number of bookings - average of 30 bookings per venue ( based on 2019 stats as COVID as skewed this)

We have high quality user interactions via our website. The average time on our website is 3 minutes and 28 seconds, with users looking at 4.7 pages. A third of our users are repeat visitors. We forge positive and meaningful relationships with our audience through rich and relevant content and a free advice and guidance service for couples which provides qualified leads to our venue partners.


We manage all of our marketing activity ourselves and bring over 20 years of marketing experience to the business, most recently employed 6 years ago as Marketing Director of a top 10 private client investment firm in London. (Please don't hold that against me!) We want to share expertise and experience that you might otherwise not have access to.


How can we work with Petite Weddings?

We're now ready to open our services up to a wider number of small wedding and elopement businesses suited to our audience.  Particularly those in Scotland, Lake District, Kent, Cotswolds and East Anglia where we are seeing demand that we cannot satisfy.

Get in touch

We'd love to hear from you if you'd like to:

  • Add to your marketing efforts in a low cost targeted manner

  • Develop elopement and small wedding business alongside larger weddings or accommodation propositions as a secondary but important future revenue stream

  • Expand your reach further into the elopement and small wedding in a highly targeted way

  • Establish a new small wedding or elopement business

Please call me, Jane on 07411 117294, or email me  to find out more.

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