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Epic Elopement Adventure for Wild Hearts

In a mad world where money, status and greed provide the illusion of success and happiness, we’re seeing an increasing number of couples refuse to buy into the lie, people who are seeking a more authentic and meaningful way to live, and get married. Couples who want their wedding day to be as magical and real as their love for one another. This trend is seeing more and more couples valuing time out in nature doing what they truly love with each other, far more than they value the more traditional expectations of a wedding day "should be". These couples are creating their own magic with the help of With Wilds, an amazing Cornwall-based photography and videography-led business who can help you make your wedding day wild, beautiful and truly meaningful, resulting in the most amazing wedding day adventure for the two of you in Cornwall, filled with poignant memories that will last a life time.


Tom Frost and Verity Westcott are established and talented cinematic and photographic artists in their own right. They’ve chosen to come together to form With Wilds driven by a shared passion for the natural, wild beauty of Cornwall, outdoor adventures and of course their skills and experience of capture beautiful elopement wedding days through their lenses. They know all the best places to suggest you include in your day and the best people to help you create your own unique wedding day adventure experiences in this untamed and untainted, far westerly corner of the UK. Whether your dream is to be surrounded by bird song the depths of ancient woods at dawn, or dipping your sandy toes in the ocean at dusk on a deserted beach and then wrapped in a blanket, drinking beers by a camp fire as the sun disappears, or anything in between, With Wilds can help you breathe life into your unique wedding day adventure, filled with everything the two of you love. Nothing more, nothing less.


The concept is simple: you contact With Wilds with your initial thoughts and ideas about your perfect wedding day in nature, and the they’ll help you with ideas and suggestions. They'll build out your plans with you using their creativity and experience to identify the very best off-the-beaten-track locations, the best activities (think Land Rover safaris, hiking on the romantic moors or coastal path, SUP safaris, picnic or BBQ in an idyllic spot, private boat trips to hidden coves, sunset surfing and so much more) and the best local providers of these services. This makes bringing your epic elopement adventure to life easy, enjoyable and exciting from the get go. The only limit on your elopement wedding day adventure is your imagination.

What's the cost of an epic elopement adventure in Cornwall?

You can choose from a range of packages to suit your budget and wedding day ambitions. Whichever you choose you will be assured of the most fantastic and original memories. What’s more your wedding day story will be capture in the most beautiful videography and photography that will serve as an eternal reminder of your unique union to all.


Example packages

If you’d like to enjoy an elopement wedding adventure in Cornwall, take a look at the packages that you can choose from.

Dream it – from £1300

Your elopement journey planned. 

3 hours photography & videography coverage, resulting in a full gallery of photography and a 5 cinematic film.

This will cover your arrival at your chosen ceremony location, the ceremony and some photography in beautifully wild locations after your ceremony. 


Build it – from £2500

Elopement adventure planned.
6 hours photography & videography coverage resulting in a full gallery of photography and a 5 cinematic film.

This will cover a larger part of your day and can include bespoke adventure activities of your choosing.


Dawn ‘til Dusk – from £4000

With Wilds will help you plan your whole day. They will be with you from sunrise to sunset capturing your day, resulting in a full gallery of photography and a 5 cinematic film. This package also includes your celebrant, a wild bouquet and buttonhole, a lunch time food hamper and vow book to treasure forever.


With Wilds have a great network of the best local suppliers and there are all sorts of recommended extras that you can access including beach BBQs, kayaks and SUPs, additional flowers and much more.  If it’s on your mind, just ask…


Next Steps

If you would like to check availability or find out more about arranging your unique wedding day adventure in Cornwall, you check availability, arrange a chat or get advice from With Wilds here. We know you will not regret it! Let the magic begin!

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