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4 Unique Party Favours to Wow Your Event Guests

Besides the costs and logistics of planning a wedding, it can be a struggle to find a way to make your special day memorable for your guests. Party favours are usually the best way to leave people with a lasting impression, but they might not be useful to guests and will only gather dust or get tossed away. To avoid giving out something tedious or impractical, take a unique approach and give something people can enjoy daily, allowing them to use it for longer and remember your event. If you’re opting for a traditional wedding, the usual party favours include confectionery like sugared almonds, cupcakes, macarons, and boxed chocolates. However, those looking to get creative can tap into the following party favour ideas, guaranteed to wow your guests and make them remember your wedding day in a unique way.

Sunglasses A pair of sunglasses isn’t a typical party favour, but that novelty will surely be a hit with your event guests, especially if you are gifting a famous brand. If you want to make your guest feel special, giving out an established eyewear brand like Oakley, which is making a comeback in the public sphere, is a great way to signal to your guests how much they mean to you since it’s versatile for outdoor adventures and daily use. The brand's luxury sunglasses have long been a beloved accessory, combining function and fashion into one neat and trendy package. From the sleek Holbrook to trendy wraparounds, you can find the perfect pair to suit your guests’ respective personalities and styles. You can also look for budget-friendly pairs in classic and timeless styles to match any gender, face shape, and aesthetic.

Candles Candles are great additions to a living space, and their wide variety can ensure you have a unique selection to give to your guests. It’s best to keep them small or medium-sized for events so guests can bring them home easily. Some come in small tins or jars, so you can choose which feels most appropriate. You can give out multiple scents to make the candles feel more personal since there are more chances for people to get the fragrance they prefer. You can also customise them to fit your wedding theme by using labels or tags so people have something to remember the event by. For a touch of luxury, brands like Maison Louis Marie offer chic candles while still being affordable.

Mason jars For good reason, mason jars have been a big event trend for years. Many use them for decorations since they’re visually pleasing and have multiple uses. Rather than using them as a prop, you can change things up and give them out as party favours to your guests. Mason jars can be repurposed in many different ways, such as storage containers that help keep your kitchen larder neat and organised. You can also personalise them by decorating them with your guests' names by painting the lid or attaching a name-tag. You can even use the jars to hold other party favours or treats your guests can take home for unique packaging!

Succulents Plants aren’t often used as party favours since they need a lot of care and the right environment; plus, they can be a mess. However, succulents can be great for event giveaways and aren’t a hassle to deal with. Smaller succulents can come in small, portable pots that can easily be placed in a bag that guests can take home with them. They’re also not as high-maintenance as other plants, so they won’t die quickly if placed in the right conditions and watered properly. Guests can appreciate receiving something to help liven up their spaces without focusing too much time and effort on them. By keeping these party favour ideas in mind, it's not only the newlyweds but also all the wedding guests who will have something to remember the special day by!

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