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Elopement Wedding Ideas

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Daniel and Ania didn't plan a COVID19 wedding, in fact when I think back to the initial conversations and booking this wedding for the couple, COVID 19 seemed to be something happening in China. I remember we were still looking forward to spending time with family over Easter and a trip to New York in May. And wedding, we had lots of weddings and elopements booked! How quickly things changed.

When Daniel and Ania booked their elopement wedding in March 2020 for the end of April 2020 we had no idea what the coming days, weeks and (what turned out to be) months would throw at us. COVID 19 quickly took hold and threw theirs and many other romantic elopement and intimate wedding plans into disarray.

It was very quickly apparent that weddings would not be permitted under lockdown. So, we rescheduled their dreamy elopement for two at Fallen Angel to the beginning of June. Once again, they were scuppered as, although lockdown ended for most on 4 June, weddings remained impossible for another month.

Finally, in July they managed to enjoy their wedding day. It certainly was third time lucky as you can see.

A vision of seaside luxury and a heartfelt ceremony

Daniel and Ania wanted an alternative wedding day involving just the two of them, and two friends, one of whom is the talented photographer responsible for the beautiful shots of this bespoke elopement day. They wanted to enjoy a luxurious stay; a heartfelt private wedding ceremony in a beautiful place overlooking the sea and to be able to say words to each other that they meant and had meaning to them; they wanted to indulge in amazing food and Ania wanted to enjoy having her hair styled before their wedding ceremony. Most of all they wanted to create their own unique memories of their wedding day that will stay with them both throughout their lives: having these captured by their photographer friend Aga meant that the intimate nature of their day could be captured in its entirety whilst feeling totally relaxed and enjoying every moment.

The venue chosen by the couple was Fallen Angel and the team that worked with the couple to create this extra special day was:

No ordinary love

Whilst there is not typical elopement wedding, we strive to enable every one of our couples to create unique wedding day experiences that reflect their own preferences and style. Seeing these beautiful shots from Aga makes me even more excited about the future of weddings in England and Wales. Should the Law Commission’s proposals continue to develop in the current direction, allowing weddings in many more amazing places, relaxing the rules around ceremony content and allowing creativity driven by each couples’ love to shape each wedding we are all in for a real treat! You can read more about the proposals and get involved with the public consultation here.

Here’s what Ania and Daniel had to say about their Petite Wedding day experience:

“ I am sending some of our wedding photos. Aga is a wonderful photographer and she captured a lot of lovely details…please feel free to share them as we think it’s good that other people see slightly different ways of celebrating marriage and what a wedding day can look like. For us it was absolutely wonderful, relaxed and stress-free. We had a wonderful stay too! Thank you for all your help with organisation and the lovely people you recommended for our special day.

Best regards,

Daniel and Ania xx”

We just love receiving photographs from people’s special days, it makes our day every time! If you would like to explore putting together a bespoke wedding package just for two, or maybe more please do get in touch by email as we’d love to be able to help you create your own special wedding day memories.

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