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How about An Elopement Wedding?

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

What is an elopement?

The true definition of eloping is "running away," it has a slightly different definition in relation to weddings. Technically, eloping means to get married without telling anyone, especially your parents. However, lots of the couples we arrange weddings for do tell their parents, in fact many invite them to join them for their special runaway wedding day.

Why do couples elope?

There are many reasons for considering elopement ranging from financial considerations, awkward family politics, personal preference for a very private ceremony, a second or subsequent marriage where the couples wish to create a new unique experience that’s very different to their first wedding ceremonies or purely romantic spontaneity! Whatever your reasons for considering an elopement wedding we hope we can help you.

How do we elope?

If you have decided that elopement is for you, we have come up with five questions to consider to help you create your perfect elopement.

How much do you wish to spend?

Your budget is important, in fact many couples choose an elopement wedding as they have other financial priorities. Think about how much you want to spend and what your priorities for that budget are. Do you want to spend more of our accommodation and less on a dress, not have a videographer but spend more on photography? There is no set formula here and your budget will come down to how much you feel comfortable spending and where you want to allocate this money.

When would you like to elope?

Many of the elopement weddings that we arrange take place at relatively short notice, some as an immediate as six weeks in advance, where part of the romance is the spontaneity of getting married. Equally, we sometimes start working with some couples up to 2 or 3 years in advance of their wedding day. For these couples there may be a particular date of significance that they want to plan towards, or, a time of year that they prefer. Elopement weddings are available all year round so there’s usually plenty of choice!

Where should we elope?

Elopements are not confined to Gretna Green. Within our Petite Wedding Venue Partner Collection can from choose beautiful country house locations, unique properties overlooking the sea, subtropical garden settings, rural barn weddings, historical properties with luxurious accommodation or even a tiny castle by the sea. Take a look at our beautiful elopement options here.

Your legal elopement ceremony can be followed by a blessing on the beach or in the woods if you want to have that special moment over and above the legal ceremony to make some heartfelt promises to one another in an idyllic location. Talk to us about how to arrange this very special extra touch for your wedding day.

Who should we invite?

You do not have to invite anyone if you don’t want to. Our venues can all provide witnesses should you wish. This is super-romantic and means that you can focus 100% of your attention and budget on spoiling each other rotten on your wedding day. However, many of our couples elope with their children or parents, or both, creating a beautiful family day filled with love and emotion. Both options are wonderful experiences and there is certainly no right or wrong here.

What services do you wish to include?

You don’t need to book any wedding day services if you do not wish to have them. We recommend you consider a photography and/or videographer to capture your elopement memories for sharing with those you love after the event and long into the future. You may also want to consider flowers, bridal hair and make-up and catering options. Each of our venues works with a group of great local suppliers who are happy to provide their excellent services for small weddings. Or you can choose your own wedding day team for your wedding day.

How much is an elopement wedding?

Our average cost of a three-night stay and elopement wedding day for 2 is £2500-£3500. For those who extend their stay and invite others obviously the price rises. It is possible to pay less than this but we recommend a minimum budget of £1500 for a ceremony only with 2 hours photography and no other services.

What does an elopement wedding look like?

We’re so pleased to be able to share an example of a recent elopement wedding at Fallen Angel captured by the talented and very lovely Verity Westcott. Wanmenghe and Chris wanted to have a celebrant led wedding ceremony that would bring their parents together for the first time (both set of parents live abroad). Travelling from London the couple created a beautiful elopement wedding day in Cornwall. Their ceremony was led by celebrant Rebecca Morris and food was provided by Indulgence Catering. Bridal hair was by Hair by Emma C and make up by Sally Orchard. As you can see from the gallery below, it was quite a day!

More information about elopement packages

If you are interested in exploring our elopement options further please email or call on 07411117294. We’d love to help you further!

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