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How to renew your wedding vows

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

First Beyonce and Jay-Z, now Emma and Matt – vow renewal is the new vogue in all things marriage right now. And it looks like a trend that's captured the country's imagination

But just how do you renew your wedding vows? Why do people renew their wedding vows? Do you need to get a license to renew your wedding vows? And how much will it cost to re-new our wedding vows?

In the case of our two celebrity couples they had both hit their landmark tenth wedding anniversary – for others it’s a whole bunch of different reasons, ranging from not having the special day they really wanted when they got married through to celebrating marriage after the couple have been shaken by one of life’s storms, only to come through all the stronger. The undeniable thread running through all these reasons is love.

How do you renew your wedding vows

What’s involved in a vow renewal ceremony?

Whatever the reason, your vow renewal ceremony can be more meaningful and certainly more your own day than most weddings. The main reason for this is that the ceremony is not a legal one, bound by the usual legal constraints associated with legal marriage ceremonies.

What’s more this means that those around you are usually far more relaxed about whether they are invited and what exactly your day is going to look like. The great news is there are no traditions and few expectations, leaving you free to create a day just for you. You need not even have any guests if you prefer the focus to be simply the two of you.

Common to most vow renewal days is that you exchange promises to one another in a ceremony, sometimes with rings, sometimes without. Aside from this, your ceremony and celebrations can be as individual as the two of you.

why do people renew their wedding vows

How much will it cost to renew out vows
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