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Luxury Elopement Idea

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

When Carol’s children finally flew the nest, rather than stay in Essex, she decided to follow her dream and re-locate to the country. In September 2019 she took the plunge! Her by no-means-easy master plan included relocating her existing wedding and events business, Wedding Events Angel, that offers wedding favours, wedding cakes and small events catering. In addition, she purchased The Folly.

She took on the renovation and complete restyling of The Folly that now provides a unique, idyllic romantic retreat for couples that’s just perfect for a proposal weekend, mini-moon, honeymoon or anniversary stay. It’s also perfect for an elopement stay as The Folly overlooks Brickhouse Vineyard where you can have your elopement wedding, returning to this stunning abode to a private chef meal and celebration just for two! You can read more about this unique wedding package just for two here.

Carol’s journey

Talking to Carol, you cannot help but feel a real positive energy and boundless creativity. It seems to be in her genes. She told me that she’s been passionate about cooking and baking for as long as she can remember. In fact, she can remember visits to Newlyn St East in Cornwall when she was a child where the ritual of preparation of meals and baking was as much a part of the day as the clock chiming. As an adult she trained as a professional chef, followed by three years at the London Bakery School, where she mastered sugar craft and patisserie.

The Folly

The Folly really is a fulcrum for Carol’s creativity bringing together her amazing interior design, event planning and culinary skills. The Folly is now a property where every detail has been taken into consideration to bring together a visual “wow”, yet also ensure your every comfort has been catered for. For example, fluffy white dressing gowns and towels, a selection of complimentary coffee and tea and home baked cakes and biscuits will be ready for your arrival. Add on top of this the thoughtful and kind service that Carol offers with amazing food that makes my mouth water just reading about it on her website and you have winning combination. Carol’s cookery is not just beautiful and tasty, its versatile. She’s as happy cooking vegan feasts as she is a traditional game pie. Whatever your tastes and preferences, whatever the style of meal her experience and flair will work their magic to create you the perfect meal or meals.

Carol’s five-star catering service at The Folly brings her vision of all the benefits of a luxury hotel, yet just for two to life. Although there are cooking facilities at the property suitable for preparing snacks, the private chef service which you can book to suit your plans, is available for breakfast, dinner and afternoon tea. Over and above this Carol’s just a really lovely lady who will be attentive when needs be, and invisible when not.

To book a romantic stay at The Folly you can give Carol a call on +44 7938 949100 or email to find availability and secure your dates. To book a wedding stay complete the contact box on this page.

Unique wedding favour idea

In addition to this, Carol has started to create bespoke biscuit favours which can be finished with a design of your choice to reflect your wedding day. She creates the design using print technology, so it could be any image at all in top of your biscuit. Just let your imaginations run wild. These delicious gifts not only look great, but taste great and we guarantee will be taken home. They have proved so popular that Carol is getting demand from local businesses who are also interested in using them as gifts for their guests and customers. To find out more about Carol’s bespoke biscuit favours you can contact Carol by calling +44 7938 949100 or email

Beautiful photography in this by Sally Johns of Capture Weddings

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