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Petite Wedding Ideas

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

We love little wedding touches that are personal, meaningful and heartfelt. When we saw what one of our wonderful brides, Lynne, had decided to do with her wedding flowers we had to find out more. Lynne had pressed her gorgeous wedding flowers and had them turned into pieces of jewellery by Katie at Searose Jewellery.

To find out more about her wonderful service, we caught up with Katie last week.

Tell me a bit about your business and why you started it?

I began jewellery making and ultimately my business after losing a close friend. He always lived his life to the full and made every dream a reality. I had always wanted to try silversmithing but was scared to take the leap. His passing inspired me to follow my passion and grasp every opportunity that comes my way.

I started Searose Jewellery just over a year ago. I’m completely self-taught and create each individual piece by hand at my home in Wales.

I mainly use sterling silver, sea glass and flowers to create each piece of jewellery. Every item is unique and has its own story.

What inspired you to start creating cabochons?

I have collected sea glass for years – I have hundreds of pieces from my local beach. I often use these in my work, but as they come in all shapes and sizes it can be difficult to create the ‘perfect’ piece.

I experimented by using a couple of semi-precious stone cabochons in one of my earlier works and I was really pleased with the result. I wanted to create a more authentic feel to my work, so, I decided to start creating cabochons using my own pressed flowers. I am a true lover of nature and have lots of plants around my home, so it’s also a great way to preserve what I love.

Naturally this led to others being able to provide me with pressed flowers that were meaningful to them for all sorts of reasons for me to turn into bespoke jewellery pieces to be enjoyed forever.

Tell us about the process - what’s involved and how long it takes?

I choose and press my flower petals in a book, applying weight to them. The petals are typically dry and ready to use within a week or two.

Once the petals are ready, I arrange them into my moulds and pour resin over them. After 24 hours, the resin is dry, and I have a unique cabochon ready to be put into jewellery! I create silver necklaces, earrings and rings by hand, ready for the cabochons to be set. This normally takes one to two days.

Once I have the cabochons set, the pieces are hand packaged by me and ready to be sent to my customer.

What price does your service start at?

Prices start from £15 (If the flowers have already been pressed).

What jewellery options can you offer?

Using real flower resin cabochons, I can create stud-earrings, drop-earrings, necklaces, rings, cufflinks and brooches. I am more than happy to discuss ideas and commissions with customers so I can advise on the best approach based on the flowers they have in mind, and the jewellery they wish me to create.

Can you work remotely with customers or do you have to meet in person?

I can work remotely. I have previously made an engagement ring, as well as 10 sea glass bangles for a bride as gifts for her bridesmaids. Both of these commissions were discussed via email without meeting in person.

If flowers have been pressed, they can be posted to my address for me to work with and specifics can be discussed over email or the phone.

How can interested couples get in touch with you?

Instagram - @Searosejewellery

Facebook - @Searosejewellery

Phone – (+44) 07784310985

Thank you Katie, we love your unique business and all you create!

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