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Why wedding vidoegraphy is such a great investment

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Most of our couples consider and book a photographer for their wedding, and an increasing number of couples are starting to book videographers.

Why consider a wedding video?

With small weddings that are more intimate, more personalised and in the most stunning of locations, we are seeing couples inviting fewer guests but capturing the highlights of their day in film to share with those who were not able to be there with them. This is particularly true of elopement weddings where its just the two of you.

A wedding video provides a much richer viewing experience than photographs, although these will always have their own special place in terms of prints and the all important wedding album. Couples not only enjoy watching this again and again themselves, share with friends and family but also with their future family. (Remember looking at your parents and grandparents wedding albums?) It's these rituals and memories that you are creating for your own family, and taking advantage of technology to capture you special day seems the next natural step.

What can you expect?

You can expect to have a chat with your videographer ahead of your wedding to agree key moments you want to capture, any no go areas, and the length of output that you want to achieve.

Videographers can capture your whole day, then spend days afterwards editing and honing it down to a much shorter video of say 30 minutes. Equally they can purely capture your wedding ceremony and edit this down to a 10-15 minute video - or anything in between. Typically for elopements and smaller weddings we see couples booking 3 hours of videography on the day, with a 10-20 minute video resulting. You can expect this to cost in the region of £500-600.

Videographers usually set your video to music of your choice. This is a great way of really understanding you two as a couple and the vibe you want them to capture. Have a think about this before you speak to your videographer.

Take a look at this beautiful video by Craig Bracefield of Aroha Films to take a peek of what you can look forward to!

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