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Where can I get married in the UK?

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Where can we get married in the UK? Can you get married anywhere you want in the UK? Can I have a beach wedding in the UK? We’re often asked questions like these about where it’s possible to get married in the UK, and as a result we arrange unique wedding days in amazing locations. In this article we share our experience and some stunning ideas for your own unique intimate wedding day.

Where can we get married in the UK?

First things first things first, to get married legally in England, Wales and Northern Ireland you do need to have your ceremony in at approved licensed premises, a registry office or in a place of worship such as a church. Approved licensed premises don’t sound very exciting, but we promise you they can be.

Just take a look at these. We work with a sculpture garden where you can choose to get married in their treetop garden pagoda or the unique Skyspace sculpture – see more here Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens. For winter weddings we have rustic barns with roaring log fires, an art gallery and vineyard to choose from.

where can we get married in the UK

can you get married anywhere you like in the UK

For wedding ceremonies that are not legally binding the answer to this question is slightly different – you’re able to have your wedding ceremony anywhere, as long as you’ve permission from the landowner. These type of wedding ceremonies can happen independent of a legal ceremony, or more usually in conjunction with a the legal process.

How does this work? Well, usually couples wanting a more meaningful and unique wedding ceremony choose to complete the paper work required for their wedding either at their local registry office prior to travelling to Cornwall for their wedding day, or complete the legal process at a registry office of their choice in Cornwall ahead of their celebrant led ceremony – either on the same day or the day before. Just think of the process involving the registrar as being like a trip to the lawyers when you’re buying a house to sign all the paperwork, and your ceremony as the real opportunity to say what you want to say to each other, in the way you want to, and where you want to.

We arrange lots of weddings like this every year. No two are the same. There is always such a personal feel to these special days - these truly are real weddings for real people.

Can I have a beach wedding in the UK?

Can I have a beach wedding in the UK?

Historically this has not been possible to have a legal wedding on the beach in the England, Wales or Northern Ireland, but there are now a handful of venues with private beaches where this is possible. We are lucky enough to be launching a brand new beach wedding venue – The Colonial on Cornwall’s North Coast set on its own private beach.

Alternatively, provided you’ve permission from the landowner, you can have a beach blessing or celebrant led wedding ceremony on the beach. We can help you identify suitable options close to where you’re staying. Here are a few options we’ve come up with just today for a couple we’re working with to create a bespoke elopement next August:

St Loy Beach - reached through the magical St Loy Woods (a 15 minute walk but so beautiful) - this beach rarely has anyone on it, it’s a bolder beach and beautiful as you can see.

Perranothnoe Beach - slightly busier and likely to have people around, but still quiet, 5 minutes walk from car park.

Porthkidney Sands - There will be people around, but this is a hidden gem, 5 minutes walk from roadside parking.

Wedding beach shoot

All of our venues offer the opportunity for beach photo following your ceremony, which is something that lots of our couples opt for even if they don’t have their ceremony on the beach. We research all sorts of locations, woods, forests, ancient settlement sites and much more. Just let your imagination be your limit.

It’s different in Scotland

We’re based in South West England and so our focus is on helping couples from around the UK and the world get married here they way they want to.

Having said that, it’s important to draw your attention to the fact that in Scotland you are able to get married pretty much anywhere you have permission from the landowner and your registrar is prepared to go to conduct your legal ceremony. Granted the weather is not necessarily as kind, but this can add to the experience rather than detract. Some food for thought!

Where can I get married in the UK

where can I get married in the UK

So, can you get married and where you want?

As you can see, it’s not black and white. But it’s straightforward and the rules shouldn’t be limiting, they merely have to be worked with. There’s so many stunning locations in Cornwall to say your lifelong vows to each other and we actively encourage you to think outside of conventions and will help you find a place that’s just right for you two.

If you’d like to find out more you can take a look at our stunning approved licensed premises venues here or get in touch to plan something more bespoke by emailing and set out your vision for us to help make a reality for you.

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