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The rise of the untamed wedding

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

A new elopement wedding trend as untamed as the two of you

Pinterest is good at predicting the future. Last year 8/10 predictions Pinterest made last year came true. This year Pinterest’s search phrase analysis predicts:

“…nomadding is the new jet setting and “the outback” is in,”

This prediction by Pinterest is backed by a plethora of search phase growth stats including: wild flower field +165%, couple stargazing +165% and nomad aesthetic +80%.

This back-to-basics trend was evident prior to 2020 and the rolling roadblock of COVID 19 lockdowns that have spawned from March 2020 have done nothing to dampen this. But as we come out of lockdown 3, there seems to have been a gear change in many couples’ minds fuelled by: A love of nature and the simple things borne out of the (enforced) opportunity to do so; A real desire to do something authentic to celebrate their marriage and commitment; The chance to have a real adventure after months locked away with Netflix box sets; And of course the financial reality of a smaller wedding over a larger wedding in what are still very uncertain times in terms of job security.

In line with this trend, Petite Weddings has seen a 10-fold rise in the number of enquiries for couple looking for elopements in beautiful natural surroundings, making a special day in the outdoors and having this documented by a photographer and/or a videographer ensuring every last detail is held for posterity.

Couples are trading traditional expectations of a wedding for a more authentic “back to nature” wedding day including all the things they love doing together in the wild. Think forest walks, loch-side picnics, hill walking, sailing to a hidden white, sandy cove, kayaking, wild water skinny dipping, toasting marshmallows round a fire pit on the beach, enjoying delicious meals with fantastic local produce, and maybe sleeping under the stars? The options that can be woven to create your unique elopement adventure are endless: Just real off your wish list and we can make this a reality for you.

The result? An elopement wedding adventure that is as untamed as the couple themselves.

Images by The Caryls

In the UK there are few unspoilt areas that give that sense of wild romance that couples are truly seeking. We’ve teamed up with The Caryls in Scotland and With Wilds in Cornwall who we work with to ensure that every couple seeking a jaw-droppingly beautiful elopement wedding day adventure has all the help they need to make this the most enjoyable, easy and exciting way to wed in the UK.

What if you love this idea but can’t say “I do” without your friends and families present?

There’s a real tension for some couples between how they would really like to get married and the way that they are expected to get married by friends, family and even religious groups they belong to. If you fall into this group then you should not underestimate the level of pressure you might be under should you choose to elope.

We are big advocates of having your wedding day, your way, but often the only way through this dilemma is a compromise that allows you to have what you want but also to allow other to feel involved, even if this might look slightly different to everyone’s expectations. Here’s some examples of what you can do to incorporate your dream wild elopement into your wedding arrangement:

Images by With Wilds

1. De-couple your wedding ceremony, your wedding day adventure for two and your celebration party

If you really do need to have people in person at your wedding trough choice or because there is no choice then enjoy the best of both world with a two or three-part wedding.

(i) Have your religious or legal wedding ceremony and celebration meal close to home including those people who you really couldn’t exclude. Your ceremony isn’t the expensive part of your wedding, so you can be pretty inclusive with your guests list. (Insider tip: If you are struggling to reduce your guest list ask yourself this: who on your list would you be prepared to take out for the evening and spend £200 per head on them?)

(ii) Plan a romantic mini-moon or honeymoon in an awesome part of the UK immediately after this to include your own intimate wedding day in the wilds, including a very personal and heartfelt wedding ceremony or blessing that can be held in your choice of epic outside places.

(iii) Enjoy a big bash party on your return home where you invite EVERYONE to celebrate your return and your marriage. Perhaps you wait until you have your wedding photography and video reel back and share these with everyone in person before you share on social media?

Images by The Caryls

2. Use communication and technology to involve people in your dream wedding scenario

It’s simply not practical to have your grandparents trek up a mountain for your wedding ceremony, nor is it necessarily stress-free to invite a group of 40 people to come and stay in self-catering accommodation in a far-flung place of your choosing to join you for a wedding in nature.

However, if your choice is to elope yet, you want your people to feel involved and integral to your day here’s some ways you can achieve just that:

  • Ask those closest to you to write letters that can be opened and read out during your wedding ceremony. (Tissues are recommended for this part.)

  • Live stream your wedding ceremony exclusively to those you want to share this with.

  • Share your wedding day story on Instagram stories.

  • Ask your closest friends and family to send cards that you can enjoy opening and reading on your wedding evening.

  • FaceTime your relations at the end of your adventure day so you can share the joy with them – the excitement and happiness they see in your faces will convince even the most reticent of your family that this was best for you.

  • Rather than sharing images and video in the moment, or before you see your families, save all everything up and share with them on your return in a face to face gathering at your home or one of their homes. You could bill the evening as “The World Premier of Our Wedding Day”. And perhaps you bring part of your wedding back with you as a theme for the evening e.g. maybe get some pasties in if you eloped to Cornwall or scones with jam and cream for everyone to share.

  • Borrow something special from those closest to you to your wedding ceremony – this might be a brooch that your grandma wore on her wedding day, it may be a tie-pin your mum bought your dad on their wedding day, it may be a reading that your parents had at their wedding or a garter made by your sister – think about what each special relation’s “thing” is and ask them to lend something to your day in this way.

3. Take some guests with you!

If you really do want you mum and dad there on your wedding day, but you also really want a wild wedding day in an epic place, there is no reason that you cannot expand your perfect to include a handful of extra guests who can join all or part of your special day.

For example, you could stay together on the same site but maybe in different cottages or wings of a house. Get ready together and maybe the legal ceremony is performed at the premises you are staying at to ensure inclusivity of all. Then take some time out as a couple – go for that walk on the moors of by the lakeside or in the woods with just your photographers and videographer. Time out together to enjoy and reflect on the lifelong promises you have just made each other is all so important. The photography and videography of this part of your day usually produces the dreamiest shots and footage too.

Get everyone else involved when you are ready – maybe they join you on a walk, perhaps you’ll go kayaking or take a boat trip to a deserted beach for an evening BBQ or have a jeep safari to some local beauty spots. Return to your accommodation or a local restaurant for a meal of your choice that evening followed by dancing and revelry until you drop.

The next morning you can all reconvene for a hearty and leisurely breakfast, regaling stories of the day before: telling stories that will become lifelong memories.

Images by With Wilds

Next steps

A wild wedding day is not an impossible dream. It’s a reality that’s waiting to happen. And what’s more we’re here to help you every step of the way. Take a look at The Caryls and With Wilds for further inspiration and get in touch if you’d like to reality check your epic outdoor elopement ideas. We’d love to help you!

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